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An Effective, Safe, and All-Natural Approach Using Essential Oils
An Effective, Safe, and All-Natural Approach Using Essential Oils

About Us

What is PANDAS Hope for Healing, and How We Can Help You?

PANDAS Hope for Healing was formed by William Cook and his wife Joann Cook. William Cook has been a licensed minister and a pastor for over 25 years. After their son recovered from PANDAS using an alternative essential oil-supportive wellness program, he and his wife Joann began to share their story, teaching, coaching and supporting other families to bring wellness to their children. The Cooks understand first-hand the difficulties, fears, uncertainty, and what it feels like to go through this battle of PANDAS/PANS. However, when they found recovery for their son, they decided they couldn't leave anyone behind. The Cooks formed PANDAS Hope for Healing to help rescue other children from this diagnosis and to help you.

Their desire is to help educate families on what PANDAS is from a parent's perspective and how essential oils may be used to support the body's natural healing process gave birth to PANDAS Hope for Healing, with a mission to educate and offer encouragement and support from their own personal experience. The Cooks have taken their story to countless other families who are struggling with PANDAS/PANS to let them know there is Hope for Healing from PANDAS. - This is their Truth.

Helping You is Our Mission

Certain events happen in your life that are so profound; they are miracles that will forever change you. We believe such is the miracle of our son's recovery from PANDAS. We also believe there are some gifts you simply can't pay back, so instead, you MUST pay it forward. We know from personal experience that PANDAS/PANS does not have to be permanent if you provide the body with the right tools and support to heal itself. We started PANDAS Hope for Healing as a community of support nine years ago to assist other parents in helping their kids. Rather than simply living in our miracle, we believe that to whom much is given, much is required. We believe you heal, you grow, and then you help others. With this mindset, we stepped out and have been paying it forward ever since, personally assisting other families in finding their recovery miracles. Over the past nine years, we have spoken to countless families and have personally helped thousands of children find victory over PANDAS/PANS through personal wellness support.

The Science of Nature is Amazing

Our bodies are amazing self-healing organisms, but sometimes they just need a helping hand. The science of nature is profound. Essential oils do amazing things for the botanicals they come from, bringing correction and protection against an onslaught of attack from viruses, bacteria, and stress. They are perfectly suited to be an all-natural support system to provide the body with just what it needs to do what it was created to do…Heal itself. One drop of essential oil is comprised of thousands of molecules containing the possibility and promise of wellness.

A Comprehensive and Targeted Approach

We provide you with a comprehensive essential oil wellness program tailored to support your child's individual wellness needs. We do not sell you the essential oils. If you desire our help, we will advise you which ones to use and help you use them correctly and effectively to bring wellness to your child too.

If you would like our help in creating an individualized program for your child and would like us to guide you through the process of using them correctly and effectively as an alternative all-natural approach for PANDAS/PANS, please click on the "Let Us Help You" tab on the home page. We are here to direct and support you based on our personal experience with both PANDAS and using essential oils.

PANDAS is unique in that while all of us have a very similar story, no two PANDAS conditions are entirely identical. Because of this, a targeted approach based on your child and their needs is the most effective approach. We do not believe there is a blanket approach or a "one size fits all" list of oils that "works for every child." So in using essential oils, it is important to know the specific details about each individual child...then and only then can you truly be successful in giving the body the right tools and support to do what only the body can do.

A Plan for Success

Our body systems are like the gears of an engine. When one is not functioning correctly, they all begin to break down, creating disorder and dis-ease.

It takes an ordered approach to put things back in order. This is why we need a comprehensive essential oil support plan. It's not about what oils helped our child. It's about what essential oils can help your child and a specific support plan that addresses your child's needs. Essential oils are a proven, safe, and all-natural alternative supportive approach to PANDAS. To be successful, you must be focused and committed to using them consistently. Not all oils are created equal. True Essential oils are not mere fragrance or perfumed oils found in a mall kiosk, big box store or on social media. To be effective, they MUST be pure therapeutic grade, unadulterated essential oils. Adulterated oils can contain chemicals and additives, so choosing the right quality oils is key to their effectiveness. Remember, this is not a hobby; it's about wellness. We encourage you to read through the testimonials of the families we have helped. We see the most amazing results in the lives of the children we are helping...one after the other...each is a miracle! There is hope for healing for you too. We are here to help you find it.

Get Started

Have You Read Our Book?

If you have not read our book PANDAS Hope for Healing – Our True Story of Recovery, Renewal, and Restoration – How Essential Oils Brought Our Son Back, we encourage you to do so. The book contains 18 chapters and 215 pages of comprehensive information to help you reverse the diagnosis of PANDAS/PANS. It is our son's recovery story from diagnosis at five years old, through 2 1/2 years of pharmaceutical drugs that actually made him worse, to finding an alternative Essential Oils method that helped his body heal itself and changed his and our lives completely. Our son completely recovered from PANDAS and has been PANDAS-free for close to 10 years. This book is his true story of healing and the story of how we got here. You can get the book from Amazon or where ever books are sold. Click here for the book.