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An Effective, Safe, and All-Natural Approach Using Essential Oils
An Effective, Safe, and All-Natural Approach Using Essential Oils
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PANDAS The Gut & Parasites

If you have a compromised immune system in any way, shape or form, you DO have a parasite issue. There is no doubt! Studies show this connection clearly.

Parasites are masters at survival, their SOLE purpose in life is to survive, that's it! They complete their life cycle by changing the neurology of their hosts just enough to ensure survival, but usually they are also smart enough to not kill it, usually. If they can adapt to their environment, which they can (give them access to a child with a faulty immune system due to a vaccination reaction, heavy metal toxicity and reduced gut flora), they root themselves deeply in your system and continue their life cycle by making you crave the foods that feed them, creating the itchies where it counts for spreading eggs under the nails.

A few doctors to research, who have made waves in the medical community by successfully treating illnesses that result from parasitic infections, are: Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Simon Yu and Dr. Fry. These men are pioneers in this field. Dr. Klinghardt focuses on Lyme Disease, and Autism, Dr. Yu has recovered people from major diseases like cancer, CFS and pancreatitis among others and Dr. Fry is a researcher who has even discovered a new malaria-like parasite that is responsible for diseases like MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis and perhaps Autism, among others.

This blurb is from an article written by Dr. Simon Yu:

"In this modern age, do you think parasite problems are limited to third world countries and don’t exist in the United States, Canada or Europe? Think again! Who does the cooking and cleaning of dishes at restaurants? Food from all over the world comes with no strict regulations for pesticides, herbicides and potential parasite eggs embedded in the food.

I have seen patients from Germany, Canada, Australia and most of the United States. People from all over have parasite problems. I’ve written numerous articles on parasites and parasite related unusual medical symptoms. Some of the conditions responding to parasite medications include allergies, eczema, asthma, migraine headache, nightmare, bedwetting, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthralgia, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome, seizure, mental illness and even cancer.

The idea of de-worming everybody seems a de-lovely concept and does not seem appealing but it is not a far out concept even in the United States. Americans are suffering from a silent epidemic of parasite related medical conditions. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends massive de-worming of populations especially in schools whenever over 20 percent of the population is suspected of parasite infestation."

The oxymoron between biomedicine and parasites

Here is where it gets interesting. So we think we are doing the right thing by our kids, supplementing their nutritional deficiencies with tons of vitamins and such. But did we ever stop to think about WHY those deficiencies are there to begin with? Ok so yes, heavy metals play a role and limited or poor diets too, but why are ALL kids on the spectrum, ADHD and those with PANDAS/PANS low in B vitamins, particularly B12 and why are ALL kids on the spectrum and with PANDAS/PANS deficient in minerals like zinc and magnesium and why is their beneficial gut flora so depleted....the common denominator is that parasites THRIVE on this stuff. Every time you put another supplement down your child's throat, consider the possibility that you are FEEDING a parasite. So, if we are feeding these invaders with our children's cravings, the supplements, what are you left with in the end, continued nutritional deficiencies in your kids (because they don't get much of the nutrients) and a case of parasites, resulting in aunto immune symptoms you can't seem to gain control of.

Oh, and one last note on yet another common thread here is that it has been documented that the Ascaris worm can and DOES cause gluten-intolerance.

Compromised Immune System, PANDAS and PARASITES?

PANDAS is an immune system failure with a multitude of triggering agents. I will leave it up to you to decide for yourself what the cause of the immune system failure is…for me I am convinced it was vaccination reaction. Regardless, because of the compromised immune system, the parasites are a massive problem. The helminth is a worm. A helminth houses (provides shelter) for the smaller guys like bacteria (strep), yeast and viruses. Biofilm protects all of these guys from your immune system. Medication can't kill off bacteria that has a nice comfy Biofilmed home in your body. Medication cannot dissolve biofilm, but Essential oils can and do. Studies show that essential oils are very effective at dissolving Biofilm. Not only will the essential oil dissolve the biofilm, but it will surround the parasite and kill it. One of the big players is the Ascaris Lumbricoides. Symptoms that have been historically documented by professionals as being associated with this particular parasite are: asthma, eczema, bronchitis, rashes, dilated pupils, hyperactivity among others that affect the GI tract, as well. The Ascaris releases amphetamines, hence the hyperactivity and dilated eyes, and perhaps very much related to the ADHD, brain fog, motor tics and emotional labiality symptoms frequently seen with PANDAS.

We know that essential oils not only have the ability to repair the gut, but they have the ability to kill and expel parasites from the gut.